Review - Lagavulin 2000/2016 Distillers Edition Scotch Whisky


Rating 4 Glasses


Tasting Notes

  • Color & Consistency: Dark amber. Its curvaceous sauntering legs show the age of this whisky
  • Nose: Beachside candy shop, peat & smoke
    • Taste: Slightly bitter, caramel, oak, earthy with a hint of salt
    • Finish: Nutty, low heat, nutmeg,  smoke that fades quickly
  • Conclusion: Lagavulin is traditionally a powerhouse when stacked up against others in its category on the merits of flavor profile, smoke and sheer strength of body. This particular selection of the Distillers Edition is more refined in its smokiness than say an Ardbeg or Laphroaig but falls slightly on its face in terms of strength. 2000/2016 has a very young mouth feel and most likely could have benefited from bottling at a slightly higher proof say 90-92. That being said, the lower alcohol content does allow you to enjoy the myriad of flavors presented without cutting it with water.
    • The goal of The Distiller's Edition seems to be showcasing the ability of Lagavulin to produce and present a reserved yet broad and rich flavor profiled dram. The only thing that brings the rating down for us is the longing for a bit more alcohol to help cut through and balance out the rich flavors. This is definitely one that we would buy again.