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Basically, we drink our whiskey and if we like it we drink more (hence more glasses).

The scale goes from 1/2 glass (swamp water) to 5 glasses (died and gone to heaven).

  • We rate based on multiple factors: 

Price - Age - Flavor profile - Availability - Would We Buy it again?

Whiskey ratings are almost purely subjective and as everyone has different tastes and likes, they are meant to be a guide of discernment.

5 Glasses

Just for the simple fact that we are poor, whiskeys rated 5 glasses will most likely never grace the pages of our website. If by chance one of us runs into a pile of cash, this whiskey will be the cream of the crop, the coup de grâce, the penultimate.

3 - 4 Glasses

The 3-4 glass whiskeys will be ones that you may have in your liquor cabinet as they will be fairly priced (again, the main reason most of the whiskeys we review will fall into this area), readily available at most liquor stores and usually middle to upper ranks of their category as far as flavor profile goes.

1/2 - 2 Glasses

It pretty much goes without saying that the bottles joining these ranks shouldn't be given as a wedding gift. Whiskeys that "earn" 1/2-2 glasses will most likely only be good for mixing (maybe) and/or for playing practical jokes on your friends.