Review - Glenfiddich Project XX Experimental Series #02


Rating 3.5 Glasses


  • Distillery: Glenfiddich Distillery
    • Years Aged: NAS
    • Proof: 94
      • Local Price (USD): $79.95
        • Availability: Widespread


Tasting Notes

  • Color & Consistency: Light Golden Honey. Legs slow and thick.
  • Nose: Floral, orange citrus, butterscotch, not overly complex.
  • Taste: Spice, honey butter, a pinch of salt and butterscotch with a bourbonesque oakiness.
  • Finish: Rather pleasurable. Long and peppery.
  • Conclusion: Being non-chill filtered adds some body to this wonderful dram. There are 20 different barrels used in this blend: 17 bourbon, 1 port pipe & 2 sherry casks. It's really a great product but the complexity and effort that goes into crafting this whisky doesn't exactly translate into the experience. Good as a gift but we wouldn't go searching it out again for the price.