Review - Jameson The Cooper's Croze Irish Whiskey


Rating 3.5 Glasses



Tasting Notes

  • Color & Consistency: Sun dried hay with thin dancing legs
  • Nose: First hit brought us back to junior high all over again. Where the big mean 8th graders cornered you in the locker room, held you down & rubbed their stinky gym socks in your face. Luckily it transforms into light citrus & toffee, with a lingering floral aroma.
    • Taste: Tastes nothing like it smells. Undeniably Jameson with a little more heat which adds to the depth with hints of vanilla & spice
    • Finish: Chocolate, fruit & oak

Croze Plane - Photo Credit; Web

Conclusion: Cooper's Croze does exactly what it claims by showcasing how flavors can be influenced by the barrel. While we would love to enjoy it again due to the extra depth of flavor and aromas it provides , the premium price tag is hard to justify. For now we will leave it as a maybe and let you decide for yourself.