Review - Hell-Cat Maggie Irish Whiskey


Rating 2.5 Glasses


  • Distillery: Cooley Distillery
    • Years Aged: NAS
    • Proof: 80
      • Local Price (USD): $21.95
        • Availability: Widespread



  • This whiskey is named after Hell-Cat Maggie (fl. 1840–1845). This was the pseudonym of an American criminal and early member of the Dead Rabbits. She was a well-known personality in Manhattan's Five Points district and a noted fighter, her teeth reportedly filed into points and who wore long claw-like brass fingernails,[1] who fought alongside the Dead Rabbits and other Five Pointers against rival nativist gangs from the Bowery, most especially the Bowery Boys, during the early 1840s. Although there is little information on her life, she is one of the earliest female criminals of the "Gangs of New York" era and has been compared to later women criminals such as Gallus Mag and Battle Annie, the latter leading the female auxiliary of the Gopher Gang during the 1870s.[2][3] - Wikipedia

Tasting Notes

  • Color & Consistency: Golden hay, thin.
  • Nose: Sweet-ish (like the chef), light citrus and alcohol
  • Taste: Perfect medicine for a cold like a Honey lemon Ricola. Smooth with hints of rubbing alcohol.
  • Finish: Slight bitterness, fades quickly.
  • Conclusion: This whiskey is aptly named as it has all the aspects of a traditional Irish Whiskey but rougher around the edges. For the price its OK and would definitely make for a good mixer. Just because of the backstory this would be a good conversation starter if brought to the party.