Review - Tullamore DEW Irish Whiskey


Rating 3.5 Glasses



Tasting Notes

  • Color & Consistency: Yellow with a hint of Leprechaun (green suit and all). Super thin with no visible legs. It actually beads up on the side of the glass
  • Nose: Josh said it smells like non-aromatic petunias and the longer you keep your nose in it the less offensive it becomes... oh, and hints of toffee
    • Taste: A lot better than we thought it would be. Nothing like the nose as it fades away to buttered popcorn jelly bellies, floral, toffee
    • Finish: Very minor hints of sherry with a mild short finish, sweet

Conclusion: Very close to Jameson in its flavor, slightly sweeter with a broader profile overall and rumor has it that some of Midleton's distillate has made its way into this blend. Soon after tasting the nose completely dissipates, the entire experience becomes quite pleasant and after many potentially deal-breaking initial reactions all of the Sidekicks eventually enjoyed this dram completely.  Although this may be a potentially sacrilegious comment, we think Jameson Original definitely has a contender at this price point in Tullamore DEW.