Review - Jameson Caskmates IPA Edition Irish Whiskey


Rating 3 Glasses


  • Distillery: Midleton Distillery
    • Years Aged: NAS
    • Proof: 80
      • Local Price (USD): $34.95
        • Availability: Widespread



  • Jameson Caskmates IPA Edition is the second iteration in the Caskmates series. They have teamed up again with Franciscan Well Brewery to offer another unique beer cask finished whiskey. The brewery has taken the barrels originally used in maturing Jameson whiskey and filled them with IPA (Irish Pale Ale). Once the beer has been sufficiently finished off it is removed from the barrels and they are sent back to the distillery to be filled with Jameson once again. 

Tasting Notes

  • Color & Consistency: The color of Jameson, fast thin legs like speedy gonzales.
  • Nose: Floral aroma of standing in a hop field, citrus & grapefruit. Like the nose of a good 100 IBU IPA.
  • Taste: Little bit of spice, floral & grapefruit continues from the nose, lightly sweet but not overpowering.
  • Finish: Bitter hoppiness, citrus rind & leather.
  • Conclusion: We’re split. Some said it’s better than the Caskmates Stout Edition and some said that we are crazy but one things for sure, the blend with the flavors and the aromas are spot on. You’ll have to grab a bottle for yourself and try pairing it with your favorite IPA (Irish or India). For something different from the traditional Irish pallet we would definitely buy it again and offer that it would be a great whiskey to bring out at dinner.