Review - Willett Family Estate Bottled Small Batch Rye


Rating 4 Glasses


Distillery: Willett Distillery (Bardstown, KY)
Years Aged: 3
Proof: 111.2
Local Price (USD): $64.90
Availability: Uncommon

Tasting Notes

Color & Consistency: Light Caramel (aka... the soft supple fur of the Grizzly), slow thin legs due to the high alcohol content (aka happiness).
Nose: Do we dare nose at 111.2 proof? Astringent grainy sweetness and not overly complex.
Taste: A complete 180 from the nose. Leather, oak & rye spice. Just imagine a swift kick to the gonads delivered by Satan himself while riding an all black thoroughbred stallion straight out the heart of Kentucky.
Finish: A fleeting infatuation. The Jezebel affect. Like a temptress in the night it escapes you as quickly as it arrived.
Conclusion: One of those whiskeys that hides its true character until you get a taste of it. Perfect pairing with a Connecticut wrapped cigar. It’s not over the top as far as the proof goes, but with the rye spice and somewhat young nature it packs a good punch to the senses. Worth every penny so buy it when you see it and don't look back.