Review - Michter's US-1 Limited Release Barrel Strength Straight Rye Whiskey 2019


Rating 4.5 Glasses


Distillery: Michter’s Distillery
Years Aged: NAS
Proof: 108.4
Local Price (USD): $79.15
Availability: Rare

Tasting Notes

Color & Consistency: Caramel with rich long legs.
Nose: Pepper and rubbing alcohol leaning into butterscotch and cherries.
Taste: Rye spiciness and buttery smooth charred vanilla with a warming heat that rises slowly.
Finish: Oak and rye spice that lasts well into overtime.
Conclusion: Luckily we were fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time to snag a bottle of this limited 2019 release. Barreled at a lower 103 proof allows the higher water content distillate to take on more of the flavors of the barrel and makes for a fuller-bodied whiskey. Bottled at 108.4, this particular selection from barrel No. 18F829 is truly a wonder to behold. Familiar but with a depth of flavor and ABV punch that you won’t get from Michter’s std US-1 Rye. It’s hot and spicy like a good rye whiskey should be and we can only hope to come across another in the future. For the money if you happen to see this one on the shelf at your local liquor outlet, grab it and don’t look back, you won’t be disappointed.