Review - Highspire Whiskey Batch No. 003


Rating 2.5 Glasses



Tasting Notes

  • Color & Consistency: Amber with quick legs
  • Nose: Rye. A floral shop where all the flowers are past their prime. Reminiscent of a young tequila or freshly cut grain field.
  • Taste: Light and savory. Caramel, grains and citrus notes.
    • Finish: Play-dough & candy wax (Apparently some of the sidekicks had a play-dough eating problem as a child) 
  • Conclusion: 100% Pure Rye mash bill. Aged 4 months in oak wine barrels from California. We wouldn't buy it again but if you are a Rye fan and want to try something unique within the same family we'd say give it a go. Very, very young. The uniqueness keeps it a 1/2 glass above 2. Not currently available in Oregon.