"The Don"

While the other Sidekicks take enjoyment from Scotch, Josh has turned his into a passionate obsession for the peatiest of Islays to the most sherried of Speysides. He has even been known to secretly bathe in fresh grassy Lowland Scotch and use Octomore for cologne. While his soul belongs to the distilleries of Scotland, he also maintains a deep seated appreciation for beautifully balanced distillates from the Land of the Rising Sun.

Due to the "nature" of his "work", Josh spends most of his days making people "offers they can't refuse", but, many a night he tirelessly seeks out the most prized and rare of Whisk(e)ys to add to his collection. His only solace is lounging on his back deck with a glass of cask strength delight in his hand and dreaming of distilleries far far away.

Current Favorite Whisk(e)y: Glendronach Allardice