Review - Old Weller Antique 107


Rating 3.5 Glasses


Distillery: Buffalo Trace Distillery
Years Aged: NAS (Multiple sources put it around 7 years)
Proof: 107
Local Price (USD): $26.95
Availability: Uncommon

Tasting Notes

Color & Consistency: Canadian Maple specifically from Northern Quebec with thin and quick legs.
Nose: Spice, Rubbing Alcohol, Berries, Vanilla & Oak. "Smells like burning" Moved Jeff to shed a tear.
Taste: Taste is good, picante, good burn but not too hot. Hits ya quick and then smooths out to sweet.
Finish: Lingering spice, vanilla and wheaty sweetnes.
Conclusion: We plan on keeping a bottle of 107 on hand at all times and for under $30 bucks you can too. Probably would not be a good first experience for a novice whiskey drinker because it comes across pretty hot and surprisingly deep in flavor. Someone who enjoys bourbon would appreciate the detour from your standard Kentucky release. Definitely would go great in an old fashioned or serve with ginger ale and slice of lime. Side note: Pacifico is a bad chaser.