Review - IWAI Tradition Japanese Whisky


Rating 2 Glasses


Distillery: Mars Shinshu Distillery
Years Aged: NAS
Proof: 80
Local Price (USD): $59.99
Availability: Widespread

Tasting Notes

Color & Consistency: A copper penny that went through wash a few too many times. Slow and thin legs.
Nose: Musky and oakey nose, odd sweetness, hint of citrus.
Taste: Oak, tannins, sherry & moldy mushrooms.
Finish: Fades pretty quickly but the tannins stick to your tounge causing a funkiness that hangs on and just won’t let go.
Conclusion: Mash bill consists of 75% malt & 25% corn which is a flip from the standard release and a blending of sherry, bourbon & wine casks probably wasn’t the best move. Definitely not worth the $60 as it doesn’t hold up to many other Japanese whiskys on the shelf hanging out in the same price range. Unless you are a Japanese whisky enthusiast we would steer you clear for sure. Interesting that it is the highest elevation distillery in Japan in the mountain ranges of Nagano. For the many reasons stated previously we would most likely not buy it again and could only give it a two on the glass rating.