Review - Jack Daniel's Old No. 7


Rating 3 Glasses



Tasting Notes

  • Color & Consistency: Light honey with thin, quick legs.
  • Nose: Light alcohol, pretty mellow actually with a hint of confectioners sugar.
  • Taste: Nutty, buttery & bitey. Salty peanut butter.
  • Finish: Lingers a while, oak with some brown sugar. Like a smoldering campfire in your mouth.
  • Conclusion: Smoother on the palate but harsher on the finish than Evan Williams or Jim Beam. Jack Daniel's is the Toby Keith of whiskey. It'll put a boot in your ass and is just about as American as you can get for under $25. Is rumored to have been enjoyed by George Washington as he crossed the Delaware and Thomas Jefferson as he inspired the Bill of Rights (We know that Jack Daniel's started in 1866 but it seemed to work). The only way to get more American than Jack Daniel's is if you bottled the amount of freedom in 50 Bald Eagles, drank it while flying the Flag standing on the roof of a Walmart® on the 4th of July eating a Big Mac®.