Review - Old Forester Statesman™ Bourbon


Rating 2.5 Glasses



Tasting Notes

  • Color & Consistency: Tarnished gold with slowly burning matchsticks for legs
  • Nose: Floral with lemon & vanilla spice
  • Taste: Light on the palate with a hit of cracked black pepper and citrus
    • Finish: Some caramel and spice that just can't hang on long enough to appreciate and gives up the ghost.
  • Conclusion: Not bad and definitely welcome proof bump compared to the original but overall pretty unimpressive blend for all the fanfare that was put into this bottling. This particular selection would be a better value at $30 price point. 
  • Background: Statesman: In the movie they are a secret American organization posing as a bourbon whiskey distillery in Kentucky. Branded with the Statesman™ name and released to the public one month before the theater date of "Kingsman: The Golden Circle", Old Forester's Website claims that it was inspired by the dynamic characters in the film. Interestingly, this release is blended from casks of their Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky they pulled from the warmest areas of the warehouse.