Review - STRONG'eR Limited Edition American Light Whiskey - Solar Eclipse 2017


Rating 3.5 Glasses



Tasting Notes

  • Color & Consistency: Light in color comparable to a pilsner. Slow wobbly legs
  • Nose: Vanilla, alcohol, nutmeg with a hint of apple
  • Taste: Definite Oakiness & best friends caramel and honey are hanging with vanilla causing trouble
    • Finish: Smooth, light & peppery. 
  • Conclusion: Barrel No. 7 / Bottle #180. It's just darned good. Got a little Razzle Dazzle to it & bravo to New Basin as this is one of the better craft whiskeys we have had in a long time. We would recommend grabbing this one-off if you can find it and don't mind the sticker shock. Not the most complex 10 year aged American whiskey we have sampled but we would have rated it 4 glasses had the price been 20 bucks less. (As of the date of this review there are a few bottles still scattered around Oregon liquor stores)
  • Background Info

    As the company has been in business for the past 5 years and only officially open for the last 2 you might wonder how they get a 10 year aged whiskey? Well, after talking with Jeremiah at their booth @ Solarfest he informed us that their whiskey currently comes from back east and they finish age it in Oregon oak barrels. This at first was slightly disappointing but he followed up by saying that they hope to be all Oregon made very soon. Diane was also at the booth as well and said that currently their vodka & gin as well as their rye are completely Oregon made with grains grown by her brother right in Madras, Oregon just a few miles from the distillery. Little known fact.... Their logo is actually NBW and was derived from the names of the founders: Norton, Boyle & Williams.


Jeremiah & Diane of New Basin at the New Basin booth - Solartown Madras, OR

Jeremiah & Diane of New Basin at the New Basin booth - Solartown Madras, OR

STRONG'eR During 2017 Solar Eclipse - Madras, OR