Review - Stillhouse Original Whiskey


Rating 2 Glasses


Distillery: Stillhouse Spirits Co. USA
Years Aged: N/A
Proof: 80
Local Price (USD): $22.95
Availability: Widespread

Tasting Notes

Color & Consistency: Clear thick water
Nose: Buttered Popcorn Jelly Belly®, with just a hint of Fritos®
Taste: Smooth but corny like it's told too many knock knock jokes
Finish: The alcohol hangs around for a while fading to creamed corn
Conclusion: We reviewed this whiskey as we would any other; room temperature and in a Glencairn to capture the flavors, aromas and character but may have not enjoyed the true experience intended by the distillery as it was basically a corn dog in a can. This is not a sipping whiskey but rather a mixing whiskey. Their website clearly states that this is to be served completely chilled (the reason for the stainless steel container) and as such we may have to re-visit this one at a later date to give it fair shake. Check out for their many drink recipes including but not limited to the Stillhouse Mule, That's My Jam & Cigar Roller.