Review - Boatwright Bourbon

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Rating 2.5 Glasses


  • Distillery: Port Chilkoot Distillery (Haines, AK)
    • Years Aged: 2
  • Proof: 90
    • Price (USD): $ 46.00
    • Availability: Rare
  • Tasting Notes:

  • Color & Consistency: Deep dark honey, young and sugary with feisty thin legs
  • Nose: Spicy, freshly cut and lacquered oak
    • Taste: Sweet cream corn topped with sugar and lit on fire. This is where "The Don" commented that "It tastes like I'm gnawing on a door jamb".
  • Finish: Oak, sawmill, sugar.
  • Conclusion: Some comments - "So much wood I feel like a pre-pubescent teen who just stumbled upon his dad's old shoe box in the back of the closet." & "The whiskey created by Alaskans for Alaskans who have so much hair on their chest it puts Sasquatch to shame".